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Off-grid Sourdough Bakery on DeCourcy Island 
"Creating nourishing products using ancestral techniques"

Pirates Cove Trading Company

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Our Business

Pirates Cove Trading Company is run by Sabrina and Dane Clark, two off-the-grid entrepreneurs who are homesteading in 2 countries while running a bakery, fermentary and pizzeria on both DeCourcy Island and Baja, Mexico. They moved to DeCourcy Island in 2018 and ran the bakery on a trial basis for the first year.  DeCourcy Island is off-the-grid, with no electricity service and no ferry access.  The island is a 15-minute boat ride from Gabriola Island and Vancouver Island and has about 150 homes and cabins. Living in a small cabin with solar power and a propane oven, they have had to make do with rustic facilities. They even had to haul all their water from the well at neighbour BC Park for most of first year. All supplies are brought to the island by boat and sold from their farm stand to locals, boaters staying in the area and neighbouring islands like Mudge, Ruxton and Gabriola. 


They believe in selling only healthy products that promote well-being through adopting an ancestral way of making their products. One way is by fermenting their grains, which is unique to the area.  It's a traditional way of making sourdough products and has allowed many gluten intolerant people to be able to enjoy traditional foods like bread once again. They also use organic ingredients and source supplies locally as much as possible while maintaining a zero waste policy.  They are well on the way to establishing a high-demand, speciality business that they hope will support them in the low-impact self-sufficient lifestyle that they desire.


What does eating ancestrally really mean?

A little over 200 years ago the industrial revolution started a chain of events that has led to our disconnection from not only the source our food, but also the thousands of years of handed-down skills and wisdom surrounding it. Eating ancestrally aims to turn this around. By choosing to step out of the industrial food system and instead learning from, practising and eating the way our forebears ate, we can reclaim our kitchens, our health, our supply chain and our community. All whilst knowing we are doing something that given half a chance can restore the health of our world. There is a lifetime’s worth of wisdom in the kitchens of our past. Here’s how to bring some of that to our modern fingertips:

  • Eat what is local and in season

  • Cook meals from scratch

  • Consume animals raised and fed naturally

  • Eat all the animal - no waste

  • Use real fat

  • Process grains properly

  • Include fermented foods in your diet

Why Fermented?

What is Fermentation and What are the Benefits?


  • Fermentation is the transformation of food by various bacteria, fungi, and the enzymes they produce. 

  • It is Alive with flavor and Nutrition
    Teeming with beneficial microorganisms and active bacterial cultures it provides the body with a great source of nutrition. Full of probiotics, that help balance the “good” and “bad” bacteria in the intestinal tract as well as B vitamins, and amino acids. 


  • Naturally preserved
    Fermentation produces Natural Bio-Preservatives that retain nutrients and prevent spoilage.


  • Easy to digest
    Fermentation breaks nutrients down into more easily digestible forms.  Wheat that has undergone fermentation is easier to digest than unfermented wheat and similarly with milk. making people who are gluten or lactose intolerant able to consume them fermented. It’s like a form of “pre-digestion”


  • Protects us from diseases


Our 2.3 acre homestead is for sale... click on the link to go to the MLS Listing


Come visit our little farm stand

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